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The Derry Aires

The Derry Aires

The Derry Aires formed in 1994 as part of a Saint Patrick's Day show.  Amidst all the serious traditional Irish musicians, there were few singers and none that wanted to perform the songs most requested by the audiences of the time.  The true Irish schmaltzy songs like Danny Boy and Galway Bay.  Following their initial performances, they found themselves in high demand for, not only their Irish repertoire, but their tight harmonies and irreverent humor.  Over nearly 25 years and several personnel changes, they have retained their original charm and added a myriad of styles to their show, ranging from Contemporary to Celtic, Blues to Jazz.  But all of it with a dash of humor.

Originally a trio, this cult phenomenon has become an amorphous performance ensemble of solo artists that likes to expand to quintet status whenever enough of them are in town. The core trio is comprised of Terri Mayeur, Erin Alexander Ingle and Peggy Monaghan.  They are sometimes joined by Robin Basset and/or Nancy Steely. They bring a huge diversity of styles to their recordings and shows.

Though essentially an a Capella ensemble, you just never know what these women will do on stage. Their shows feature a mix of instruments from kazoos and penny whistle to guitar and piano. Their fine musicianship, humor and gracious classiness have made The Derry Aire a much anticipated highlight of many Anchorage productions. Fellow musician Robin Hopper calls them "Stellar." Their 2000 release, Cheek to Cheek met with rave reviews as has their 2006 release, Built for Comfort.  Their 2011 release, Frozen Assets, is a not to be missed collection of gorgeous holiday tunes.

Their latest release Bottoms Up! is a celebration of their wry and benevolent take on the human condition.  Available on and CD Baby or through contacting Arctic Siren directly.


Arctic Siren Productions is proud to announce the latest CD release of

Bottoms Up! from The Derry Aires.

Once in awhile, a group comes along that is so diverse as to defy traditional labels.  The Derry Aires is just such a group. Influences ranging from Irish Traditional to Contemporary Folk to Classical to Broadway infuse their live shows and recorded releases with a skill and  intensity that wins devoted fans worldwide.  Bottoms Up! is the latest celebration of their wry and benevolent take on the human condition.

By far their most diverse collection of material, Bottoms Up! features songs that are favorites of their fans and audiences, and covers songs by a diverse set of writers including Kristin Andreassen, Laurie Lewis, Lou Nathanson, Dougie McLean, Jay Unger and John Mayer among others. 

CD’s are available to purchase by calling 245-7311 or on CD Baby and Amazon.

For more information, contact Peggy Monaghan at 245-7311 or


"...strong, sweet voices and display good harmonies and a deft choice of material." – www.greenman

Peggy Monaghan




The founding member of The Derry Aires, Peggy's experience and knowledge of performance and production have made her a much sought after participant in shows from San Francisco to Anchorage. Raised in Alaska, she spent a few decades in the Bay Area, but has returned to her native soil and currently teaches voice in Anchorage. She was coordinator and producer of the Alaska Song of the Year Contest, and a founding member of the Irish Music Festival and Turnagain Community Arts Alliance, Her 1990 release Lullaby on Pacific Artists Records was re-released in 2008 on the Arctic Siren label and her 1994 release Seasons of the Witch on the Arctic Siren Records label is in it’s third edition.  Her most recent CD Elements and Elementals was released in 2016  All have met with local and national acclaim. 

Terri Mayeur

A multi- instrumentalist and singer who plays flute, oboe, clarinet, and saxophone, Terri also owns a banjo but is too much of a lady to play it. The red head of the group has 15 years of performance and touring with harmony singers and though she is a 767 pilot she admits that she is neither a rocket scientist nor a brain surgeon. Terri is a world traveler, stained glass artist and long distance runner who completed the 2006 Dublin Marathon. She lives in the Mat- Su Valley, hence she commutes more than an hour to work with The Derry Aires. She recently realized her personal goal of owning a working DeLorean.

Erin Alexander Ingle


Erin brings her crystalline voice, 20 years experience, and an eager excitement to the stage. A life long Alaskan, Erin’s quick wit and perfect pitch are the perfect foil for this association. 


Rooted in her need for speed, her early dream of becoming a fighter pilot and moving on to the NASA space program have translated into her out-of-this-world work with the Derry Aires.  Always a questing sort, her passions now center on work with Animal Sanctuaries.  And there is nothing quite like a Derry Aire rehearsal to resemble both the animal and the sanctuary in that phrase.


Her beguiling smile and girl-next-door sweetness belie the determination and resolve she brings to her craft.  When the rest of The Derry Aires are sporting baffled looks as to what is next, Erin has the pitch and lyric at the ready.  Her hard work and unruffled aplomb are a welcome addition to the lineup.

Robin Bassett

Originally a classically trained violinist, Robin has opted to try to undo all that training by fiddling instead. A Captain Nurse Officer in the United States Public Health Service currently assigned to the Alaska Native Medical Center, she is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Nephrology.  Robin is also an avid fisherwoman from the comfort of the family boat in Homer and she still holds the boat record for catching a halibut of 180lbs! She is also a frustrated piano player and has some interesting experiences to recount as a 1st chair trombone player, full music scholarship winner, model, actress and losing Miss America Contestant. Robin is a private pilot who tends to purchase homes on the internet and once took 9 days to fly from Florida to Anchorage in an Adventura (a fully certified 2-seater home built aircraft). In her spare time she like to participate in local Eagle River theater at the AFAA where she has lately been type-cast. She hopes to some day play a good witch.








And check out this great article about Robin! Just copy this link into your browser.

Nancy Steely


NancyAs a speech language pathologist, Nancy brings a keen analytical mind and a pencil to every rehearsal with The Derry Aires. She is also a scuba diver and has been in all 50 of the United States thus furthering the ability to hold her breath when necessary, a skill she uses often in rehearsal. She is a yoga enthusiast, runner and rides Harley Davidson motorcycles. She also has 40 years of harmony singing under her size 6 belt. 40 years in 50 states. We’ll let you do the math. She aspires to an empty nest syndrome and world travel. She will of course, bring her pencil.