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Lullaby by Peggy Monaghan - Songs of Serenity and Love

Beautiful. Evocative. Serene.  Lullaby is Celtic and folk music at its sensitive best.  Featuring memorable melodies and moving vocals, Lullaby is a showcase for the immense vocal talents of Peggy Monaghan.  This is a lovesong to all families, from parents to their children, from one generation to the next.  This is love that is shared with a touch, a glance and a voice.

Season of the Witch by Peggy Monaghan and Friends - Double CD Set

Seasons of the Witch is an evocative, earthy delight honoring the Goddess through the movement of the season.  It features the haunting,  powerful music of Peggy Monaghan and a host of friends, and the poetry of Goddess movement pioneer, Patricia Monaghan. This is a rich, heady brew that recalls starlit nights and voices from long ago.

"This album is a true celebraion of the Goddess and God"   -Miriam Robbins Dexter

Cheek to Cheek by The Derry Aires

An eclectic romp through Celtic, Jazz, New Folk and Broadway by 5 solo artists in a rare combination.  The tight harmonies and wide ranging styles of The Derry Aires have made them a cult phenomenon.  You'll love this collection.

Built for Comfort by The Derry Aires

The Derry Aires, a perennial favorite for the discriminating fans of vocal music, return with another recording - a treasure chest of delicious booty to lift your spirits and place you securely in the lap of luxury.  Built for Comfort is more than a title, it's a aural promise of pleasures to come.

Frozen Assets by the Derry Aires and Friends - Holidays with the Derry Aires and Friends

The magic of the holiday season is back in this new collections of songs from the hearts and voices of Anchorage, Alaska's best vocal group, The Derry Aires.  From beautiful arrangements of traditional favorites to fresh and hilarious revamps of familiar classics, There Derry Aires - and their special guests - perform them all with their boundless energy and infectious humor.

This is the perfect antidote for the long winter's blues.

Land o' the Leal by Kirsten Baird Gustafson

Land o' the Leal features haunting melodies, resonant lyrics and the warm, captivating voice of singer-songwriter Kirsten Baird Gustafson.  These traditional and contemporary Celtic songs, recorded live in concert and in the studio, capture the essence of a land that lies just beyond the horizon in your imagination.  Embark on a journey of the heart with a gifted minstrel as your guide.

Just What the Doctor Ordered by Maurice Coyle

Step back tot he days of the great jazz singers that touched your heard and set your feet moving.  Remember when you held your lover close and slowly danced to the the lyric strains of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald.  These were the songs with style and substance.  The melodies poured out like warm velvet and the lyrics went straight to our souls.  This is music of the heart.   In our modern times, these ballads may well be "Just What the Doctor Ordered."

Vital Signs by Maurice Coyle

Building on the Success of Just What the Doctor Ordered, Dr. Maurice Coyle returns with a second round of treatments for the ballad deprived listener.  Vital Signs is filled with the same righ vocals that made dr.Coyle's first CD so welcome. 

Here are jazz ballad in their best, performed by someone completely in love with and dedicated to this beautiful music.

Ultra Sounds by Maurice Coyle

The sound of Jazz, that uniquely American artform, is life.  And the primary purpose of life and art is the act of creation.  Maurice Coyle is back for his third go-around of creating great music with Ultra Sounds, and is joined by some of the best musicians Anchorage has to offer.  It just doesn't get any better than Kevin Barnett on keyboards, Kirk Westfall on bass, Scott Weller on drums and many other choice musicians.  This time Maurice is joined on vocals my Peggy Monaghan one of Anchorage's best loved singers , and also by Mourice's own sister Catherine Coyle Marsh, who show off some amazing singing chops of her own.

Put on Ultra Sounds - relax and listen to the joy of creation.

Alpenglow by Kevin Barnett

Alpenglow depicts the many moods and impressions of winter in Alaska. The extraordinarily gifted pianist and composer Kevin Barnett captures them all from the wistful melancholy of a cozy fireplace to the perfect grace of falling snow.  Exploring all styles from jazz to classical, Alpenglow is the perfect instrumental companion for long winter nights no matter where you find yourself.

In Dublin Town Where I Was Born by Philip M. Price

In Dublin Town is collection of traditional and original songs presenting the dulcet yet driving sound of Irish balladeer Philip M. Price. Collaborating with some his favorite singers and musicians, Philip offers a unique mix of songs and styles while staying true to his Dublin roots.

At Last by Lora Mahaffey

Lora Mahaffey' At Last is both a poignantly aching and vibrantly alive recording of jazz standards that achieves the near impossible - it makes these classic songs sound fresh and new again.  Classic and expressive, At Last is a stunning achievement in a debut album.

The Exciting History of the Alaska Gold Rush - Spoken Word

These are the stories that will stir your imagination wit tales of exploration and riches beyond belief set in the legendary Land of the Midnight Sun.  You and your family will listen again and again as the men and women of the Alaska Gold Rush come to life in a series of exciting and fascinating true life adventures.   Experience the real Alaska.

Bottoms Up! by The Derry Aires

Once in awhile, a group comes along that is so diverse as to defy traditional labels.  The Derry Aires is just such a group. Influences ranging from Irish Traditional to Contemporary Folk to Classical to Broadway infuse their live shows and recorded releases with a skill and  intensity that wins devoted fans worldwide.  Bottoms Up! is the latest celebration of their wry and benevolent take on the human condition.

 By far their most diverse collection of material, Bottoms Up! features songs that are favorites of their fans and audiences, and covers songs by a diverse set of writers including Kristin Andreassen, Laurie Lewis, Lou Nathanson, Dougie McLean, Jay Unger and John Mayer among others.  

Elements and Elementals - Peggy Monaghan


The Elements.  We consist of them, are defined by them, use them, rail against them , and thrive with and in spite of them.  Earth and Air make tornados.  Water and Fire make steam.  Water and Earth make mud. Water and Air make hurricanes.  Any and all combinations live around and within us.  This project celebrates them in all their forms.